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New Car Detail / Single Stage

Single Stage Correction

Our Single Stage Correction packages are perfect for vehicles that don’t require full paint correction. This process involves a single stage machine polish designed to bring back the gloss and shine to your paintwork without breaking the bank. Light wash marring and surface scratches can dull your vehicle’s appearance, leaving it with a hazy, lifeless finish. Our single stage correction removes these imperfections, restoring the vibrant look of your vehicle’s paint.

New Car Detail

From day one, ensuring new cars are ready for the road with the best possible protection and finish throughout. New Car Preparations are often overlooked. “It’s brand new! It shouldn’t need polishing!?”

You’d expect a new car to be delivered and presented with the utmost of care, boasting flawless paintwork and perfect in every way (with nothing to hide).

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case! We’ve seen it all. From resprayed panels on Ford’s, to sanding marks and machine buffer trails on Ferrari’s. Whether it’s a £10,000 city car or a £200,000 super car, it’s nice to be able to know the whole story.

Storage conditions, damage in transportation and at the factory and poor unskilled PDI preparation at the Dealership can lead to a whole array of defects and problem areas that may need addressing. Fine scratches, surface marring, factory induced sanding marks, machine holograms, bird lime etching, metallic fallout and lacquer “fish eyes” to name but a few.

Although you’re likely to be offered the in-house ‘paint protection packages’ with “5 years protection”, “no more polishing” and other such big claims, in reality, they offer poor value for money (package’s such as Supaguard, LifeShine, DiamondBrite and Gard X). These products are often applied incorrectly and over poorly prepared paint finishes as the in-house valet team are given strict timescales with minimal training on how to correctly prepare and protect your newly purchased pride and joy.

How long does it take?

Our New Car Detail typically takes 1-2 days (not 1-2 hours) and comprises of some of the industries’ finest tools, chemicals and coatings; protecting your investment for 1 year to 10 years Giving paintwork unrivalled UV resistance, dirt repellency, easy clean and swirl resistance thanks to the state of the art Ceramic Pro coatings.

What else?

With our New Car Detail Extra’s Pack, alloy wheels are removed to be coated inside and out, exterior glass sealed with a durable rain repellent, interior upholstery treated to a scotch guard fabric protectant and leather seats receiving a water-based dirt & dye transfer barrier. All in, the best start in life for your investment.

It is advised to ask the supplying Dealership not to touch the car prior to collection. No wash. No polish… This way, we reduce the need for costly paint correction services where fine scratches and swirls from bad contact could have easily been induced in the preparation stages.


  • Alloy wheels removed, deep cleaned inside and out
  • Wheel arches flushed, door shuts cleaned, engine bay degreased and cleaned
  • Extensive wash using the two-bucket system and pH-neutral shampoo/foam
  • Tar deposits and iron-rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated
  • Surface contaminants removed with a clay bar for a slick, glass-like finish
  • Vehicle blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Delicate areas, washer jets, badges, and trim taped-up or removed to aid the machine polishing stage
  • Paintwork wiped with alcohol/IPA panel wipe to remove residues and oils, leaving a clean base
  • Glass cleaned throughout and exterior rain repellent coating applied
  • Brightwork, badges, and grilles polished by hand and protected
  • Tyres dressed with long-life tyre gel
  • Interior vacuumed and litter removed
  • Interior fascias cleaned throughout, including luggage area and spare wheel well
  • Leather deep cleaned with water-based cleaners and protected with Leather Guard
  • Upholstery, floor mats, and carpets wet vacuumed to remove soiling and stains, then waterproofed
For Auto-Bead Ceramic Packages, windows are coated with a 2-year ceramic coating at no extra charge. The pricing for the packages is as follows:
  • 2 years: from £750
  • 3 years: from £850
  • 5 years: from £1000
  • 5 years graphene: from £1100
  • Add-on calliper package: £160

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