Eliminate light swirls & defects

Multi Stage Paint Correction

A multi stage machine polish is given to eliminate light swirls/scratches, oxidation and dull and hazy paintwork that is damaged over the years by poor wash technique, bad contact and strong chemicals. The first machine polishing stage is a medium-strong cut compound used in conjunction with a polishing/cutting pad that restores the paint and can remove from 60%- 90% of the surface defects depending on condition. The second set is a much milder pass to refine the finish and give the much desired ‘jewelled’ look.


  • Eliminates light swirls / scratches
  • Removes oxidation and dull hazy paintwork
  • Removes 60% – 90% of surface defects
  • Leaves a shiny, ‘jewelled’ finish

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This service is our most popular package; ideal for the enthusiast who likes to keep a defect free car all year round. Paint thickness removal is kept minimal during this detail allowing the process to be performed on an annual basis if needs be.

what's included & pricing

  • Alloy wheels removed, deep cleaned inside and out
  • Wheel arches flushed, door shuts cleaned, engine bay degreased and cleaned
  • Extensive wash using the two-bucket system and pH-neutral shampoo/foam
  • Tar deposits and iron-rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated
  • Surface contaminants removed with a clay bar for a slick, glass-like finish
  • Vehicle blown dry to remove trapped water and eliminate drips
  • Delicate areas, washer jets, badges, and trim taped-up or removed to aid the machine polishing stage
  • Paintwork wiped with alcohol/IPA panel wipe to remove residues and oils, leaving a clean base
  • Glass cleaned throughout and exterior rain repellent coating applied
  • Brightwork, badges, and grilles polished by hand and protected
  • Tyres dressed with long-life tyre gel
  • Interior vacuumed and litter removed
  • Interior fascias cleaned throughout, including luggage area and spare wheel well
  • Leather deep cleaned with water-based cleaners and protected with Leather Guard
  • Upholstery, floor mats, and carpets wet vacuumed to remove soiling and stains, then waterproofed

It begins with the same comprehensive wash process as our protection detail, including the chemical application to remove tar, iron, and tree sap, followed by claying of the bodywork, glass, and plastics to ensure a smooth, contaminant-free surface.

Machine polishing is then performed using a medium abrasive compound to address defects, followed by refining compounds to correct swirl marks, birdlime stains on the lacquer, and light scratches. This process reduces imperfections by 60%–90%, greatly improving the vehicle’s appearance.

Finally, the panels are thoroughly wiped down and inspected, and the bodywork is meticulously cleansed before applying a high-quality protective coating. This ensures a long-lasting, flawless finish and durable protection for your vehicle.

For Auto-Bead Ceramic Packages, windows are coated with a 2-year ceramic coating at no extra charge. The pricing for the packages is as follows:

  • 2 years: from £850
  • 3 years: from £950
  • 5 years: from £1150
  • 5 years graphene: from £1250
  • Add-on calliper package: £160

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