Bespoke bike packages

Motorcycle Detailing Packages

That's right... Not just cars!

As petrolheads and avid bikers we understand the addiction that is motorcycling and bike ownership. Keeping the balance between a gleaming machine and being able to get the mileage in on the odd sunny day has always been about striking the right balance of fun and maintenance.


  • Full paint correction, removing swirls and scratches and often leaving the bike in a better than new condition.
  • Removal of fairings for access to all areas of the bike.
  • Cleaning of the bike using approved oil and polish removers. 
  • Prime the surfaces for application of Ceramic Pro coatings
  • Increased gloss and added clear coat protection with permanent nano-ceramic coatings.
  • Maintenance and washing is reduced, polishing and waxing is redundant, as well as increased gloss, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance for you motorcycle.
  • The outcome is a motorcycle 100% coated in the best product on the market.

Bespoke bike packages

Our bespoke bike packages address the key issues which we all come across with our pride and joy:

  • Poor factory clear coats and marked plastics can be swirled and scratched easily, especially the tank and upper fairings.
  • Corrosion and oxidisation can occur to ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces due to exposure to road salt and other contaminants.
  • Wheels can be difficult to clean, especially without removing them.
  • Exhausts and other hard to access areas can also be difficult to clean and protect without removal of parts and fairings.
  • Polishing and waxing to maintain a finish can be time consuming and results are inferior to Ceramic based options.
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